Gardeners Delight

Gardeners Delight is a performance-based professional planting mix. It is designed as a ready-to-use soil blend for high-visibility horticultural display garden beds. It was formulated to provide good drainage and abundant air space which promotes proper root development, minimizes risk of root disease and encourages nutrient uptake.

Gardeners Delight is well drained compared to traditional topsoil based planting bed soils. Optimized pore space relationships in the soil provide a good balance between moisture retention and drainage. Abundant airspace allows the roots to easily expand and reduces risk of root zone diseases. The soil has been carefully formulated using professional grade organic components. The result is superior plant growth characteristics and less risk of disease.

Common Uses of Gardeners Delight

It was designed to be used in high-visibility horticultural display garden beds and raised beds.  It is also great for potting or re-potting container grown plants. It is designed to be used as-is with the addition of a water and a nutrient program tailored to your specific plant needs. Gardeners Delight can also be incorporated into existing soil beds to increase nutrient handling capabilities and improve moisture management characteristics.

Ingredients of Gardeners Delight

Canadian sphagnum peat moss is included to increase moisture holding, nutrient retention and to provide a natural pH balancing component. A naturally pH balanced soil will appeal to a broad range of plants.

Composted pine bark is used because it has a high cation exchange capacity which means it is able to attract nutrients, and then make them readily available to the hosted plant. Composted pine bark contributes naturally decay resistant organic particles to the final soil blend. Another benefit of using the composted pine bark is it contributes to the diversity of beneficial microbes which enhances its ability to ward off diseases.

Renewed Earth lifecycle compost is also used to raise the organic content to provide a more productive nutrient management system.

A small percentage of naturally occurring topsoil and structure sand are used to improve the biological diversity of the final soil and to tune in the final soil drainage characteristics.

How Much Should I Use?

The optimal planting bed is constructed with 8 to 12 inches of planting soil on top of well-drained subsoil. The well drained nature of the Gardeners Delight will promote deep rooting. It is especially beneficial to use it at the recommended depths. Deeper rooting results in the plants ability to seek moisture and nutrients farther away from the soil surface.  This provides the ability to water less often, and reduces likely hood of drying out between water applications. It also provides a larger area for roots to establish which can then support a more abundant and healthier top growth.

The Difference Between Garden Blend and Gardeners Delight

Proper pore space is the main design criteria for professional container soil and also for landscaping soil. The garden blend offers a pore space relationship which encourages high moisture retention while also offering the benefits of the high quality organic components. The high moisture retention characteristic allows for more relaxed watering requirements. The Gardeners Delight has additional large pore spaces built in to provide more drainage which will benefit annuals and perennials.  The pore spaces promote better root development. Gardeners Delight is available for those who want to take their gardening program to the next level

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