Playground mulch has three unique characteristics designed to meet federal guidelines for mulch used under public and commercial play sets First it is relatively soft for a shredded type wood product. This makes it reasonably nice to play on. Second, It bonds together enough to meet government guidelines for wheelchair accessibility. Third, it absorbs impacts well - it meets government standards representing a child falling from a given height on their head.

This product absorbs an impact better than sand or pea gravel, two other possible play area materials. The product does settle and decay over time so adding more material periodically is required. When used in a public or commercial playset, the material is typically placed 8 to 12 inches deep around playground equipment to meet government guidelines for the impact absorbsion test. When used under backyard playsets you can adjust depths as budget and room allows but you will loose the impact absorbsion characteristics. This material will decay over time so it is likely to become a little dirty as it decays. Like any wood based mulch this product will turn grey from sun exposure.

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