Underground Fittings

We stock one of the most complete selections of commonly used black poly pipe and pvc pipe fittings for irrigation systems. 

Guide to fitting configuration

  • Ins = insert barbed fitting
  • mpt = male pipe thread
  • fpt = female pipe thread
  • ms = male slip smooth wall pvc
  • fs = female slip smooth wall pvc

Insert Fittings for Poly Pipe

INS10 Coupling

ins x ins

INS12 Male Adapter

ins x mpt


INS14 Elbow

ins x ins


INS16 Tee

ins x ins x ins


INS18 Bullhead Reducing Insert Tee

ins x ins x ins


INS36 Reducing Coupling

ins x ins


INS38 Reducing Male Adapter

ins x mpt


INS40 Combination Elbow

ins x fpt


INS42 Combination Tee

ins x ins x fpt


INS58 Reducing Tee

ins x ins x ins


INS60 Reducing Tee

ins x ins x ins


INS62 Combination Reducing Tee

ins x ins x fpt


INS64 Reducing Elbow

ins x ins


INS68 Nipple x close

mpt x mpt


INS72 Cross

ins x ins x ins x ins


INS74 Reducing Male Adapter

mpt x ins


INS76 Combination Elbow

ins x mpt


INS78 Combination Tee

ins x ins x mpt


INS82 Plug ins



PVC Fittings for Irrigation Systems

FIT401 Tee & Reducing Tee

fs x fs x fs


FIT402 Combination Red Tee

fs x fs x fpt


FIT406 Elbow

fs x fs


FIT407 Combination Elbow

fs x fpt


FIT408 Elbow

fpt x fpt


FIT417 Elbow 45 degree

fs x fs


FIT429 Coupling

fs x fs


FIT430 Coupling

fpt x fpt


FIT435 Combination Coupling

fs x fpt


FIT436 Male Adapter

fs x mpt


FIT437 Reducing Bushing

ms x fs


FIT438 Combination Reducing Bushing

ms x fpt


FIT439 Reducing Bushing

mpt x fpt


FIT448 Threaded cap



FIT450 Threaded plug



Funny Pipe Fittings

Male adapters for ½ & ¾ funny pipe

#RBSBA050 & RBSBA075


Combination male threaded elbows for funny pipe

#RBSBE050 & RBSBE075


Funny pipe coupling



Insert tee to funny pipe




INS68 PVC Nipple x Close ½” through 1 ½” - #INS68-XX

mpt x mpt


INS73 Cut-off Nipples ½” and ¾” diameter & 6” long - #INS73-XXXXX

mpt x mpt


PVC Nipple ½” & ¾” diameter & up to 24” long - #NIPPLE xxxxx

mpt x mpt

Compression and Repair Couplings

flospancoupler2.jpg#asset:492:rectangleFlo Span PVC Repair Coupling #FLO SPAN COUPLER 2

fitcoupler2.jpg#asset:493:rectangleCompression Coupling #FIT COUPLER XX

fitcouplertee1.jpg#asset:494:rectangleCompression Coupling Tee #FIT COUPLER TEE 1